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Goodbye, Uday, Qusay

This song is by Capitol Steps and appears on the album Papa's Got A Brand New Baghdad (2004).

We could never say where they had run
Searching high and low for lowlife sons
Then someone said, "I swear
You'll find them both in there"
And now that snitch
Is filthy rich

Goodbye, Uday, Qusay
US dropped a bomb on you
We'll chunks of you on Ebay
No one's gonna miss you

The brothers chose to fight, and not to part
They're like Napoleon, Blown-apart
Now here's their chance to be
A smash hit on TV
They went to bed, and woke up dead

Goodbye, Uday, Qusay
US laid the smack on you
We'll get your old man by Tuesday
Soon he will be with you