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Congress, It Is A-Changin

This song is by Capitol Steps and appears on the album Springtime For Liberals (2007).

Bob Dylan:
(Unintelligible muttering)

Oh, gather round people who just voted blue
And let me tell you things that you never knew
Like that soon for your taxes, you'll pay out the Wazoo
Red and blue states are now rearranging
And ain't it ironic the GOP's blue
The Congress, it is changing

Now, maybe you've noticed, House leaders are new
Pelosi is first, Hoyer's now number two
And I'll bet when you saw that, you said "Steny who?"
An ethics battle is raging
Oh, the scandals will still be with us,
But the names are all changed
And the crimes, they are a-changing

Oh, Senators, Congressmen, we can't take more
Of that partisan bickering we had before
Now, the Democrats say there will be some repoire
But the first bill that they are arranging
Is a holiday for the birth of Michael Moore
Politics, it ain't changing

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