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Battle Hymn Of The Tea Public

This song is by Capitol Steps and appears on the album Liberal Shop Of Horrors (2010).

Tea Partier 1: The government wants to take over my health insurance
Tea Partier 2: Mine too.
Tea Partier 1: I'm annoyed!
Tea Partier 2: And I'm annoyed!
Tea Partier 1: And we're...
Tea Partiers 1-2: A pair annoyed!

1: Our eyes have seen the gory and the bloody healthcare fight

And believing every rumor is America's birthright
Is Obama just like Hitler?

1: Well, both of their moms were white

Make sure Fox News is on!
Glory, gory paranoia
Health reform it will destroy ya
It's a big socialist ploy, yeah
The truth is so far gone

1: We'll descend on each town meeting, call each congressman a putz
3: My name's Filbert
4: Hazel
5: I'm Pecan
6: Pistachio
All: We're nuts!

1: Soon health records will be on a chip

Implanted in your butts
That you'll be sitting on

Health reforms, we will resist 'em
US rankings, we've dismissed 'em
37th best health system
We beat Azerbaijan

I'll send emails to my Congressman, tell off that low-life troll
On my iPhone I'll send him a note that's full of vitriol

1: Yeah, I think you're typing that on your TV remote control
2: What channel is he on?

1: Illegal immigrants will get big bags of cash when they are sick
2: In the House, Speaker Pelosi's trying every ploy and trick
1: To persuade those Blue Dog Democrats, she called in Michael Vick
1-2: Is this health care's swan song?

Glory, glory new death panels
This will go down in the annals
Of reasons we should change the channel
When our TV is on!

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