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Walk This Off

This song is by Capitol Risk.

With this cold air biting all around I'm in position to fall back down
Oh I know you've got your doubts in me. But in the mean time...
I'll walk this off and you can talk the talk
Without these thoughts I might as well be mindless
I can dream in my sleep, but I won't sleep on my dreams

I walk with the city by my side tonight
Me alone and things seem to feel all right
I know I'll be waking on the cold floor
I can't go through this routine anymore

With the people you know and the things that you'll show
Is it right to keep your heart a secret
Have you loved, have you taken the time
Where's the substance in you, 'cause I've got mine

Take it all back to the start
Do you know we can change this world one heart at a time
At a time when I'm losing my mind
Where's the substance in you, 'cause I've got mine

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