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​More To Lose

This song is by Capitol Risk.

I've got to calm this tempo, slow down the beating of my pulse
So I can fall asleep today as the sun comes up
I'm impatiently waiting, for the night just to begin
So I can finally spend some time and fall asleep with you

Even though the nights were hazy and the days were just right

I'm the one, and to think that this could work would be a crime
I guess to you I'm old news
And it's me, and you have a way of keeping my interest all the time
You've got much more to lose

You're on and off lately, why can't I be in and out
Your so cool, you've got another place to be
I'm impatiently waiting for the night just to begin
Well there's a thousand pretty faces out where I could be

Even though the nights were hazy
And the days were crazy
Your still the one person who stands out in my mind

And so you'll run away, thinking nothing of the ones you left behind
I guess I made the same mistake