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Wake My Evil Roots

This song is by Capitis Damnare and appears on the album Cold, Evil & Possessed (2004).

In Solitude I praise the Abyss of my Own
-The inner Evil, so hateful and dark!
Satan hear my Calls and let me rise upon this weak Existence
Wake my Evil Roots - The Essence of Negativity
Wake my Evil Roots - Pure Hate
I died inside to animate the Wolve
Rise - my ancient Instincts! A Being beyond their Light
Let me rise upon
Wake my Evil Roots - I hate my own Race
Wake my Evil Roots - I want them to die
I can't return alive! I have to be alone!
A Hunter hidden in the Shadows of a beautiful and mighty Darkness
Where I can hear the Wolves howl
Belial - Howl for me!

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