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​Dead Metropolis

This song is by Capitis Damnare and appears on the album Cold, Evil & Possessed (2004).

Shadows fall from roots of cold gray buildings on a lifeless ground.
An empty place where motionless creatures strife around.
-Humanity's net to die like a long forgotten Name sounding endless through Halls of Nothingness
All that seems alive are crawling Worms eaten.
This silence suffering from cancer- Worlds cold invalidism
Gregarious animals judged to die under the Wolfs command.
Born to became eaten by the Wolf they breed
Ein klalter Hauch legt sich wie ein Schatten auf das sichtbare
- Dahinter verborgen erwartet das was lebendig scheint die Hinrichtung.
Erwartungsgemäßer herbeigeführter Untergang
Souls without any signs of life wandering towards execution on cold gray stones, surrounded by cold gray gigants they form.
Formed by the Worms, to be their graves