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​The Only Way To Kill A Ghost

This song is by Capital Lights and appears on the album Better Late Than Never (2006).

Your murdering my God, in the midst of all this pain.
Driving stakes right through his wrists, but keep it to yourself and don't tell a soul.
Is it obvious to me? is this really what it means to live?
We'll bleed for grace.
Now your hands are full of blood. Drop the nails; now your hammers in the mud.
Remembering your words, forgiveness comes to me.
It's crawling deep inside, under my skin.
Now I know that my God means more to me. I'm in love.
Don't let go. Breaking the chains of torment and I need more.
It's better left unsaid; giving thanks to your creator for even one thing that he did for you.
He never let you down but you let him go, then you visit him on Sunday.
Is this really what you think it is to live?

Cold, wet, and soaking in misery I lie here killing who I need to be.
This empty hole will never cease to be the one thing keeping me from being free.
Don't go, leave me all alone at night. These pills are never going to make it right.
Tell me if there's any end in sight and then I'll crawl into my hole and die.
Never really feeling free so why should I pretend to be?
The needle goes into my skin, I push it deep inside of me.
Poison flowing through my viens, and then I start it all again.
Over and over and over again.

I want out. I want everything inside of me out, get it out.
Get me out. I'm scared and it hurts, and I never want to see it again.
Now I know that my God means more to me. I'm in love.
Don't let go