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Something For God

This song is by Capital Lights and appears on the album Better Late Than Never (2006) by After Eight.

Can you tell me? I need to know, what am I doing?
I can't do it alone. Everything inside me screams.
And now I can see why this is pushing me more an more to the edge.
Can you show me the way to put my life in the direction that I really need to go?
I'm on my own.

Remembering a million things that he's done for my life and the faith that he's placed in me.
Impossible to replicate the love that he shows to his children to set us free.
Something for God. Something to show all of the people the reason were really here.
Something for God. Giving us power of faith and not a spirit of fear.

You want to close your eyes, and turn your face away.
You want to run but you can't hide the sin that scars your eyes.
Embrace your strength of heart, and rise above your pride.
Cut the strings that hold you down and open up your eyes.

This is for you.
Remembering the times that you've saved me.
A reminder that you'll always take me through.
This is for the life that you gave me

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