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Falling From A Star

This song is by Capital Lights and appears on the album Better Late Than Never (2006) by After Eight.

We won't take the fall
In all the hatred of it all
United we will rise
With none left behind

Falling faster...

My brother be in decay.
I will submit to you.

Thus far, we really haven't grown that far apart;
But it's still ripping out my heart.
And it feels like I'm falling from a star.
Joy seems so hard to get, I can't put my finger on it.
And it feels like I'm falling from a star.

Tonight I will lift up my brothers;
And give them all of the love that they deserve.
No blame in it. No shame in it.
Show them how much they mean to me.

I need you tonight,
I need you to kill all the pain that is living within
I can't be real but I'm sick of pretend,
Without your love it would be harder to reach me
I let them circle around and defeat me
I never thought that my life would go on
But its on and on...

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