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This song is by Capital Lights and appears on the album Better Late Than Never (2006).

Saturday night, the best decision of my life.
He said, "you should try it and I think that you would like it."
You give your best and you never get it back;
But you keep on trying and eventually your satisfied.
No trust, eighteen years old, filled up with lust.
Never caring for anything more. But there's got to be more.
I'm begging for more, I'm begging you for more.

Life's a long road from where we are to where we think we should go.
But I know that if we don't give it up then we'll never walk alone.
This is the best thing that we have.
I've got this feeling and I'll never let it pass.

Years have gone by, and now that everything is different;
We've found the formula. And now that I feel confident,
We can take it one step further than the last one.
Bringing ourselves to where we never thought that we could go.
We've dreamed, we've wanted this for years;
So lift up your heads, and forget all of your fears.
Now is the time! The chance is on your doorstep.
We've got to get out, we've got to make it out

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