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Dark House

This song is by Capital Eye.

Bleak sun,
This day like any other
But no one can see the sky falling down on him.

Blackness creeping now
Across the bright earth,
Always over his dark house.

Do you know how it feels to be alone?
Just tell them nothing's wrong.

This time he's gonna do it
They're gonna wish they knew him

Write a note to everyone
That never cared anyways

Wet garage
Rain stings blurry eyes
Release the clutch and drive, drive

Come here and find me
Cold in the seas embrace
Never belonged in this place.

Do you know how it feels to be alone?
This time he's the one leavin' home.

Ocean air across his face-
50 feet down to the blue water
But a sight so beautiful-
He can't imagine missing others

Let's go!

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