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​Throw Reality Out The Window

This song is by Capital Death.

Don't tell me your strength is in your convitions. I know you just don't care. Don't write me a letter about love and unity, or how to resist and raise your fist. Surely someday you'll realize you're just as dogmatic as them. "Them" being the people you blame for the state your life is in.

Try and tell me unity is what the punk scene needs. Then keep creating factions in a small scene. Want to be different just to hate all the rest. You're a small minded prick in a patched up punk vest.

A scene created so one can feel free to be oneself. Has become self-righteous assuming wrong of everything else. I'm not trying to claim I'm perfect, or that I'm not a hypocrite. But the standerds will continue to lower if we don't call each other on our shit.