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​The Band

This song is by Capability Brown and appears on the album From Scratch (1972).

Think of a stage lit for focusing gazes
Think of the crowd with their quizzical faces
Watching the band perform for them their latest songs

After their numbers they're left with applause
But do the audience sympathize for
The work and the meaning that lies behind each chosen line?

Lyrical meaning, yeah, tunes for the evening, they're going down
Girls down below, yeah, they think they all know what we're putting round
Entertaining, not complaining, have we listened too long?
Are we typecast into it? Dig it to you

Look into the skies, see a thousand pair of eyes
But you've gotta realize you must try to understand its meaning
Queueing all day for a chance to see them play
'Cause you gotta fly away and it's worth it just to say you've seen them

Gaze upon the stage when the atmosphere's made
As the lights begin to fade and the beam settles on a figure
Time draws near as the crowd begin to cheer
Then the music's set in gear by the feeling of a rhythmic beating

Listen to people and what they are saying
After they gone was it really worth paying?
Would you return to listen to another show? No no no

Written by:

Tony Ferguson