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This song is by Capability Brown and appears on the album From Scratch (1972).

This song is a cover of "Redman" by Rare Bird.
Brave and proud as all the village vowed
That the land would belong to our sons
We pledged our name but then the wagons came
And we ran from the sound of the guns

Fugitives across the land with empty hearts and empty hands
And all the troubles underneath the sun
Life was all we had to give but not the life we used to live
With all the triumph over now and done

Sick and weak we came to Bitter Creek
In the year I became twenty-five
The young and old we faced the bitter cold
In the last great event of our lives

Underdogs in every place and every line on every face
Remained to tell of land that we had lost
Leaning on the only hope we lay with elk and antelope
To fight the killing fever of the frost

Robbed of the right to be one with the white
It's the end of the fight for the redman
Gone is the grace and the pride from his face
It's the end of the race for the redman


Written by:

Martin Hall, Steve Gould, Dave Kaffinetti, Fred Kelly and Andrew Curtis

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