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This song is by Capability Brown and appears on the album From Scratch (1972).

The minstrel plays the lighted stage
Will his songs ever make the grade?
He wonders as the house applauds his second show
Where will it lead? Where can he go?
Here in the garden he will know

The thought of knowing you must go
Is your love real or just a show?
My thoughts are forced to darkness as your light appears
But will it fade along the years?
Go to the garden with your tears

Close your eyes
I'll take you to a place where problems can be scaled
A place that's built from fairy tales
I see, my friend, you don't believe it's true
Where people know your point of view
And never tell you what to do
Your problems will seem very few
Here in my arms

The use of speech drowned by the gun
After the battle who has won?
What colour uniform depicts a friend or foe?
What would God say if he did know?
There in the garden learn to grow


Written by:

Tony Ferguson

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