Cap'n Jazz:Troubled By Insects Lyrics

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His lips smack (I'll do anything)
A global splendor of gluttony
He's got a smile (I'll do anything)
Like he was born to be president
I'll do anything
You ask about politics
I answer about people

Let's spit for territories
Split up the not enough to go around
Just let me keep all these wants I need
I'll do whatever you want me to
You present your presence like a grabby gift day presents
(I'll do anything)
We all suck on your bloated white bread fill
But I'm still always starving

You ask about people and I tell you we're all stuck on the inside
I'm doing all you told me
Get your world off my back
I've been stuffed fat and pounded fat
I've shrunken it
I've sunk in it
I've drowned in all I've found in it

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