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This song is by Cap'n Jazz.

This is how it ended in tokyo
Buildings rebuilt and billed to anyone dumb enough to be standing there
Thanksgiving day
Tossing eating wearing pigskin worn thin
Torn teethly like the scaredy cat sacred custom goes
Sweet chicken little eating lolli pox treats for turkey day
It's salmonella city
Where we're worn thin
Ordered to work in working order
Bashful red shame and bold blue bruising whitey
Hiding in houses looking like aching smiling faces
An oh, the comfortable forts we used to build with cushions and blankets
Matching a patched up pair like us, apparently it's a given, given culture and all, we will break things just to call them broken
Stained by this compulsion to ruin and name it art
(Arthur to adults - "when you get caught between the moon and new york city..." (christopher kane?)) architects ache so they build
Some subdivisions no matter how much pain or planning
No matter how much it matters
Some ugly houses sprout up in rows
Look like structures of sad accidents and broken happy plans
We named the clever chimp that picked up the first tool adam
We discovered we are really mostly just water
We pretend about a past to justify right now
We tell countless lies to make it through each day
Keep on runnin' little bunny
Keep on runnin'
All the duracell sold during the super bowl
And my disease
Such an easy disease contagious as a yawn
My why chromosome

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