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Ooh Do I Love You

This song is by Cap'n Jazz.

Muddy slush
Slushy lawn
In the inbetween of the winter and spring and the lawn's long gone
People walking
Lotsa people walking over the life in the mud on the sidewalk under my crawl
Mud bubbles pop and burst breath into the air
Where's the inbetween if everyone's a me
(That there tree grew outta me.) people talking
Lotsa people talking
I'm hurt
You're hurt
My dad's hurt and haven't you learned everyone's hurt
Sure we're all smiles seeing reptiles
Birds in bars
We measure up each species in our heads
Barely aware that we're so scared we measure up each species in our heads
I can step on that li'l fucker's jaw
I can snap him in half like a wishbone
And I think to myself (like I'm always thinking) I want everything and two of some of this shit
Find my place in the apehouse
See myself in their eyes
My fingers on their feet
My possessive love somewhere in their embrace
My freedom's limitations in their swinging and hollering
I'm singing
I'm hollering
I'm singing
I'm hollering
I'm always bothering

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