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​New Song Number 3

This song is by Cantona.

Say that you put it on a shelf?
Hate that phrasing, say it's a memory.
Can't watch it work with someone else?
Chewed down every drunk bit of history.
Still got the picture on your LCD,
Uselessly, it's not worth saving.

There's nothing left to cling to,
It's all right, it's over.
Unfortunately for you,
You done fine by he chose her.
For once it's not about you,
It's all right, it's over.
There's nothing that you can do it's over.

Watched the parade all by yourself?
Victim baby, cliched and suffering.
Two years of waiting for what fate had held?
No such thing could have happened possibly.
Hands to your face a gesture well studied,
Desperate times call for some desperate measuring.

When did they leave it's after three?
Stumbling, crazy, can cheer yourself to sleep.
Too drunk to turn off the TV,
Headlines staring, they make a mockery.
You always knew what the ending would be.
It's over, but maybe that keeps with history.

Repeaat chorus 2x.