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Teach Me Your Ways

This song is by Canton Jones and appears on the album The Password: Access Granted (2005).

Teach me your way
Your way
Your way
Your way
Lord, I wanna follow your way
Your way
Your way
Your way

Father, will you mold me into you
(You you you)
'Cause if not, I know not what to do
(Do do do)
School me Lord, that thy will will be done
(Done done)
I wanna be your manifested son
From head to feet
Praise the Lord my soul to keep
Use me like a boneless weep
Sowed back into the bowl like sheep
I'm a soldier
Led by Jehovah
In this christian army and
We takin' over
When the battle's won
Heaven's my pay
The bible's my map,
So Lord, teach me your way

Good Lord,
The path that God blesses
Is picture perfect and well worth it
And flawless
I ain't gotta dress it up
Thank God I can't mess it up
And answers are so clear,
I ain't gotta guess it up
Take the word confess it up
Then he will come bless it up
And then when He says go,
I don't say no,
I give my guesses up
The pain and the stress is up
'Cause the Lord caresses us
I will never do the things concerning CJ
I will do your will Lord, so teach me your way.

Lord, I wanna follow your way

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