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Mother Tongue

This song is by Canon Blue and appears on the album Colonies (2007).

One lie is the same as another

I was bitten by a bug and I
Swelled up like a balloon

Paralyzed no motor functions
I looked up peeling back my eyelids
And suddenly there was you

When the words come
Creeping out like spiders

My words are turning on eachother
Looking for some sort of cover
To rest my mouth
Butterflies churning in the stomach

Reach out for something that could nourish
A bottle then met my hand

When the words come creeping out like spiders
And leave their tangled webs inside

Who got bit by the mother tongue
You got bit by the mother tongue

And I step out to find my way
I could run I could stay
I could say a million things
But it wouldn't matter now

No it wouldn't matter now

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