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Rockport, ME

This song is by Cannonball Statman and appears on the album 20 (2013) and on the album Hummingcone (2017).

She's wondering if anyone has died here,
In this city where people come and go;
They're saying she's borderline insane,
And she's borderlines from Rockport, Maine.
She'd kill a man if she had to,
To die somewhere else;
Night falls on Westchester,
And she lies awake in bed,
And she's borderlines from Rockport, Maine.

She woke up one morning
To a call from her best friend;
She said "I'm sick and tired of your friend Mary Jane,
She's driving you insane."
She called up her dealer,
Said "I need a fix, and fast";
She said, "maybe not the usual,
Maybe some of that harder stuff
That'll make me forget my past".
Now she's borderlines from Rockport, Maine.

Her roommate had a dream last night
About trying to escape;
She said "I've got some things to do on the way back,
And I'd like you to come for the ride".
She said "I know, technically, it's not allowed,
But my home is close to yours;
It's right by the harbor, that's where it's always been,
In the village of Rockport, Maine."

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