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Resting Place

This song is by Cannonball Statman and appears on the album 22 (2015).

And as we walked, approaching the place where all laws were erased,
We found ourselves in the resting place.

There were men there who told stories of life outside the box.
We were advised to avoid them, for they could suffocate us with the truth.
There were street performers everywhere, and they all played the music.
It was as if they were all connected, but they weren't.
They were all blind.

Some people went to this place, and never left.
These were the people who liked to stay where they were.
Some people only stayed for a millisecond, or two,
And we would see them disappearing, off the way,
Into the water.

And as we walk, approaching this place where all laws are erased,
We must keep in mind: there is no other way.

No other way to live that life outside the box the men spoke of.
All we have is a dream.
Nothing more.

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