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Laws Of Physics

This song is by Cannonball Statman and appears on the album 20 (2013).

I wish I could have your social security number;
I'd use it every day.
I'd buy houses in your name,
With autumn leaves in the air,
'Cause the laws of physics are changing;
Changing every day.
The laws of physics are changing,
And we're getting older.

I wish I could have your computer's password;
I'd use it every day.
I'd send flowers to your desktop,
And you'd put them on your Facebook page,
And you'd wonder why, and you'd wonder why,
And you'd wonder how you got so lucky.

I'm just another hacker, and I'm trying to make do,
Because the recession depression isn't the last of it;
I'm suffering from an ailment with a beautiful face,
That would be you, and everything I want to be.

I wish I could give you something,
But nothing I could give would be for real;
Love is an unusual journey for me.
A stranger way of being right.

You know, I'm a master of technical difficulties,
And I love you for your technical smile;
I'm nothing more than a primitive mathematician
Deep inside.

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