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Driving At Night On The Highway

This song is by Cannonball Statman and appears on the album 20 (2013).

I was born inside a fire truck trying to figure out
Where the smoke was coming from;
I was born inside a movie that began with a party.
Everyone came for me, but I wasn't there.

I'm driving at night on the highway,
And I'm scared.

I was born inside a liar, who lay atop a stretcher,
And lied with every word he said,
And wished he could set things straight.
But he couldn't set things straight;
He was a liar.

I was born inside a garden near Kings Highway;
I went to see a friend from long ago.
His home had expanded.
None of his doors were open.
His mother called the police;
The police took me to a garden,
And asked me if I knew the garden.
I said "yes, I do;
And I can find my way home from here."

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