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Controlling The Dog

This song is by Cannonball Statman and appears on the album 20 (2013).

You're not walking the dog; he's walking you.
You're not stealing his food; he's stealing you.
You're not throwing his life around; he's throwing you,
But he's too nice to let you know.

You're not fooling anyone; he's fooling you
By playing dumb all day, which is exactly you.
He's not slow; he's faster than you,
But he's too busy with more important things.

You're not controlling the dog; he's controlling you,
By leading you subtly to the trap created by you,
And in case you didn't realize, he's coming after you,
But he doesn't have to break the rules.

He's not a dog; the dog is you.
He's led you subtly to the trap created by you;
Now you look slower than you,
And he looks kind of disobedient.

Now you're not walking the dog; the dog is you.
I think it's time to play a game of chess with you,
And whoever wins takes the crown;
Isn't that why life lets you down?

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