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Blue Dimensions

This song is by Cannonball Statman and appears on the album 20 (2013).

The city is dying;
The city is dead.
Everyone's dying,
And everyone's dead;
And nothing feels the same anymore,
And most recently, I was stuck inside of who-knows-where;
I met the strangest people, who I'll never meet again,
And one of them had a plan to open up our eyes.

The city is living;
The city's alive.
Everyone's living;
Everyone's here,
And I can't feel anything anymore.
Saw someone I knew the other day,
Hadn't seen him in awhile;
He wore a new cover that I saw, but couldn't see,
And I had to walk on by, because my head went numb.

Some win;
Some lose.
Some die;
Some escape,
And I don't know how these people live.
Saw someone I knew, but couldn't talk for long;
She was wondering if I remembered her,
Or if I was real at all.
I told her that depends on how much you are willing to believe;
And I told her this:
"I saw your Braindead Fisherman, he looked a lot like me;
And the Suicidal Superhero came rolling in through black,
And the Interdimensional Diplomat came in, through sky."

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