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Now the Animals Have a Voice (2004)Edit

Caninus - Now the Animals Have a Voice

Now the Animals Have a Voice

  1. Intro
  2. Basil #1
  3. Brindle Brickheads (Unprecedented Ferocity)
  4. Bite the Hand That Breeds You
  5. Studio Guy Gets Pissed
  6. Fear of Dog (Religious Myths)
  7. Budgie #1
  8. New Yorkie Crew (Loyal Like a Stone)
  9. No Dogs, No Masters
  10. Human Rawhide
  11. Misunderstood Machines (Fuck the Media)
  12. Locking Jaws
  13. Canine Core (Demo)
  14. Fuck the A.K.C. (Demo)

Additional information

Artist information:

Caninus was a deathgrind band formed as a side project of various members from the band Most Precious Blood. The band's vocalists were two pitbull terriers, Basil and Budgie.

Years active:

  • 2003-2011

Former members:

  • Basil - pitbull terrier
  • Budgie - pitbull terrier
  • Buddy Bronson
  • Justin Brannan Wikipedia16
  • Rachel Rosen
  • Richard Christy Wikipedia16
  • Colin Kercz
  • Rocky Raccoon
  • Thunder Hammer Attack
  • L. Ron Howard

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