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This song is by Canidas and appears on the album Golden (2000).

You found me swimming
I'm pulling you down deeper
Than you ever were

You have found yourself
Drowning in my sea
With nothing to cling on but fear

When you give up
You'll see the satisfaction of
Being swept away

Sink is like falling
The darkness is unknown
There might be treasures below

It will be you and me
At the bottom of the sea
Won't you drown with me

When I'm done I'll let the tide
Drag you back in to your shore

Du fann mig simma
Jag dar dig ner I djupet
Om du aldrig matt

Du fann dig sjalv
Drunkna I mitt hav
Inget haller dig kvar

Nar du gett upp
Kanner du min njutning
Ov aff svepas ivag
Att sjunka ar att falla
Och morkret sam ar okant
Doljer en skatt

Det skall vara du ach jag
Pa botten av mitt morka hav

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