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Tell Em

This song is by Canibus.

Fact, fiction, myth, legend
Tell them, whatever it is they will get it
Fact, fiction, myth, legend
Tell them, whatever it is they will get it
Fact, fiction, myth, legend
I'ma tell 'em

White phosphorous clouds eject through the neck
A silver mesh that protects my mouth, face and neck
The first to introduce full-body proximity suits
To emcees who become recruits
I knew a submarine spook, that accidentally armed the nuke
All he could do was say "oops!"
Knowing the truth is moot, we got troops
In a deployment loop, under title 32
The constitution been reconstituted
"The contract that we signed was a con, stupid!"
Biofields collect energy from my flesh
Multiplicity effects take me higher yet
Happy hour empowers the mind
Red wine from the vine co-combines with my neuropeptides
Let's ride, Sumerian summary summarized
I implied, some will die, some will survive
Nano-chemical composures absorb the oral exposures
The stars begin to move closer
I reach out and touch novas, they respond with explosions
The eye of the wormhole opens
Step out the other side smoking, worshipped as the chosen
Behind me the Stargate closes
I sit down and make poetry in motion
The table and chair where I sit start floating
Hip Hop cops Black Ops, take notice
Record it, then show this, but still couldn't hold this
I work for CONUS, codename MOSES VERBOSUS
Classified rogue poet component
Serotonin, overflowing, I keep growing like the Samoans
Tsunami approaching, lower me into the ocean
Steadily telepathy-stabilized levies
That save lives, but I don't know how many
The flood was not an obstacle
I made a raft out of empty milk gallon bottles, for survival
The lamp is symbolic how they worship the phallus
Of the Melchizedek Chief Prophet Symphonic
At your service, twist the topic
Aliens, drop it, according to them, we do not exist
This is my race, I dictate the pace
But the law stipulates, I spit to save face
Dead in one sense, far more alive in another
Since my female vampire lover
She asked if I love her, then bit my chest
The last time I had sex with a dragon princess
I seek the keys to Da Vinci's antiquities
Beneath the pacts of little ____
Extraordinary men, that meet to review and recommend
The Gubernatorial that never ends
Learn to give, the collective lives
Otherwise the Global Mind wouldn't affect your kids
That's how it is, you can ask his (??)
The NWO lives, nigga, good riddance

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