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Royal Flush

This song is by Canibus.

Yeah! Bar Exam 2!

I landslide you to the lava below
Kata Stance nigga flow, How many bars? how far can you go?
Only as far as the mind, Canibus and Royce 5'9"
Bar Exam 2! SPIT A RHYME!

A miniature version of me, told me he wanted to MC
I told him, be careful who you be
He said, "I'ma just be me"
I said, "Yeah, I see, but you don't understand what I really mean"
Look at the manifest list, it got my name down
A bald head for a cold/gold crown, how you like me now?
I terrorize rap music, what manner of creature could do this?
Canibus, stupid
Spit retarded, autistic artist, one click per fixed target
Staff sergeant Canibus talking!
I would not let off the gas, traversing through Sanzo's pass
The ripper spills whiskey from a flask

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