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Rap City – The Basement

This song is by Canibus.

Yo I bust it, the blood in my brain super conducted
A supreme intelligent being you don't wanna scuff with
Cassette tapes encassed in a chemical substance
That'll cause it to explode if you try to dub it
Tight rhymes, sent speed? rockin' with nother lifetime
Keep Erica all to myself, 'cause I like dimes
Radiation from the bright shine, metling MC's with hype lines
I'm very selfish with my mic time
When I recite mines, my rhymes explode like a pipe bomb
Nobody in they right, -OR-, they left mind could test my
Power to weight ratio, makes it capable for me
To carry 1000lb BOS radios
Messin with the CANI, is like steppin on a live land mine
Behind enemy lines
Military paratroops in camouflage parachutes
With flight suits and boots landing on ya roof
Eliminate the target is the prime objective
I create psychic walls harder then cemeters
Nobody enters, Nobody exits
I wreck this with methods, electric like the Pentagons fences
MC's with the hype-nitis disease, is like crack thieves
With the Hepatitis B vaccine
Navy seal team making chicks scream
Make him suffer dipped in vaginal cream
Cause you wack suckas ain't worth the earth that you walk on
You ain't worth the paper plates prisoners eat pork on

The devolution I bring is a diagrammatic enigma
I'm on that, ain't the stimula'
Tigga pass my diadem
You prolly thinkin' this Incubus 'cause I'm an inimical epiphany
This is an epistolary symphony
Seriously, the Canibus illuminates with logic
What I speak its more than deep is bibulous
With common sense I'm organized like prime? in mafias
Plus the way I rhyme is Prime like Optimus
A rapologist sittin' through the knowledge
Went through GED's to degrees of IVY League colleges
A politic with any magazine columnist
About topics other MC's wont even bother with
Rock solid shit like stones in monuments
Its obvious the third eye of the obelisk is watchin us closely
Through a microscope and a pair of binoculars
Ghetto scholars like me who study street calculus
Utilize every letter of the Arabic alphabet
And touch every part of your body that makes you feel erogenous
Like that chya'll

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