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Power 106 Freestyle

This song is by Canibus.

Yo, Yo
Now I said it once, and I'll say it a thousand times
I got thousands of rhymes, the rechargeable alkaline kind
You want a piece of mind? Fine, we can take it outside
Otherwise you're wasting you time, 'cause I'ma shine, for the one triple-nine
Niggas gambling, damaged they eyes
Going blind, trying to keep up with these lyrical lines
The type of nigga you can't flow behind, without a dope rhyme
You fuck around and get close-lined till your nosedive
We can rhyme fair and square or fair in the sphere
Anyplace, anywhere, you niggas don't have a prayer
'Cause Doomsday is near, faggot niggas is scared
They stand and stare, as I appear upon a cushion of air
With a long white beard flaming, hot enough to sunburn Satan
Hotter than white people, taking vacations
Out in Jamaica, out in the sun-bathing
Sun-baking in gamma-ray radiation, till they skin color look Cajun
Mother fuckers start aging, to the point where they faces start shrivel up like raisins
And they become cancer patients

Take it to a level you can never sustain
Cause compared to me your brain the size of a sand grain
A pain in the ass that got smacked for saying my name
And now you look like an ass in pain
Guess what? You got fd'up cause you shouldn't have stood up
Sweeter than a handful of grandulated sugar
Niggas running they mouth like I can't get to them
But watch the shit hit the fan when that cat Can pull up
No question, get wrecked in less than a nanosecond
For messing with me or my brethren
You can't stop aggression, you can't hold back what's destine
And you definitely can't coach perfection
Be the only nigga standing after Armageddon
Take a hammer and smash the stone your name was etched in
Then I'll announce that I'm running for the new election
Anybody with an objection gets the death-sentence
Death by lethal-injection, death by being beheaded
Death by getting shot with a weapon, but if you want to be remembered
Then death by getting your head severed is an honorable way to end it

Yo, Yo
If I had half as many bars in gold, as I had in lyrics when I flowed
I'd be the richest man on the globe
Niggas want to know, 'Is Canibus gold?'
That's a stupid ass question, motha fucker, is Canada cold?
By the thousand degrees lower than liquid nitro is
Five-thousand degrees hotter than flamethrowers
I reflect light, bounce off walls and wreck mics
Disconnect your windpipe, by cutting your neck with a knife
Rip through, everything from tissues to blood vessels
My ninjitsu, kill you with the art of tenchu
I zigzag, zig, crushing the kid
With G-forces violent enough to crush your ribs like pilots that fly Russian MIG
Coming to punish you pigs
Give a fuck who you is, nigga, Canibus'll get biz
From the lowest point on the planet, to Mount Everest
I kick the illest shit, spray painting my name across the pyramids
The rap terrorist, Professor Emeritus
Fuck forbidden fruit, I was eating pussy in Genesis

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