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Power 106 – Cloak ‘N Dagga

This song is by Canibus.

Opposites attract, parallels repel
Send me to hell just gimme my fan mail
The Grand Theft Auto, role model
My golden vocal ensemble make the globe wobble
Last tour on earth, ultra sound before the birth
Take you to church, dump you in a hole in the dirt
I scrub my ass with water on the rag
Got hit with a mortar frag
They gave me a loratab
Cat that walked in with a Chaplain, they asked me what happen
I told him I was...
He asked me if I drank, thank but no thanks
My hands... Hooked up to both tanks
Cat-eyes and Kevlar, couldn't get far in the dense fog
Come in red bull this is red dog
We'll boot you, re-boot you, blindfold you and shoot you
The black Gaharu with a bluetooth
The hazmat suit for the avian flute
12 Head Trauma recruits, robion boots
Double decker, triple wrecker, quadruple clever quintuplets
Senses collected for seven enders
8 wonders, 9 numbers, 10 budgets
11 rubbers found in the rubish
I got a dozen lovers
Call my name, not Canibus, but Germaine
That's why I crawled out the grave
Head Trauma records, 13 methods and who the best is?
Don't as questions just spit

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