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PhilaFlava – MicClub Promo

This song is by Canibus.

Yo, yo, yo
This is the most magnetic, rap edit, ever permitted,
I'm the best that ever done it to somebody that did it
You sinnin' if you don't mention my name when you say lyrics,
Been spittin' since the beginning and never been timid,
Professor of English, drink a cup of tea like the British,
Biblical menace that's searching for the meaning that's hidden,
I rap for rippers, rip it for the lyrically privileged,
Strangle you bitches, battle Canibus?? You trippin',
Put your money where your mouth is, my dick where your chin is,
Swallow my flow like
My sentence telepathy lettered, take over your mind for a second,
Meditate at it till your eyes redden
It's the automatic, kinetic, energy in the present
Real G's spittin' geometric sentence impressions
Germaine starts with a G, who would've guessed,
The spirit of St.Germaine in my studio sessions,
Tellin' me what to tell em, I'm his vernacular vessel,
Binary bar stars make me rap
Kick it so intelligently and intensely,
You only a fool when you in the presence of me
The underlined agenda, under thoughts release foam? reverse course
Pick the hydrophone up and talk
Operational priority dispatch, spittin' raps trippin' the wack
Y'all don't want Bis to attack
Don't act like you forgot me, this is Debauchery
You wont get the nod from me, I put it down constantly
Ask hip-hop heads in ya area, imma spitbull terrier
The more metaphors the merrier
Pardon my fingernails I just buried the mic'
100 found...

Prolly ain't enough to fight, so they scared of my bite
Black holes coalesce when I tear through the light
I gotta funky, funky, funky, funky flow
Yeah funky times 4 is funky you know
I'm the C-A-N-I-B-U-S, my M-E-T-H-O-D is the best
You still not impressed?
My tongue compress, puncture your chest
Suck yeah breath, rob ya lungs through the breath
Poppy seed resin send you to Mic Club heaven
Light seconds away from Galaxy 87'
God caused these charged particles to collide
Within wandering, magnetic fuels in my mind
Still on the grind, do this in my spare time
Spare rhymes, 'cause I stopped looking for shine
You can't take what's already mine
Shoemaker levy 9 will land on 'em when they press rewind
A mental dime in a physical bondage
Waiting for environment? maybe then I'll be with some real Prophets
Oh my god! Canibus is on the college campus
I read after some questions because I love his answers
He gotta new album out he the illest son
44 curriculum syllabus caliber killing em'
November 19th the Mic Club spot check
Can't figure out how the bootleggers got it legged
You want respect come to
Try to move ya mouse after I chop ya wrist
OK, settle down kid stop talking big
Cause today we gonna have a pop quiz on Bis'
MicClub the Curriculum is dropping when??
On November 19th, so go cop it its sick

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