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One Ought Not To Think

This song is by Canibus and appears on the album For Whom the Beat Tolls (2007).

This one is relatively short; I won't say much about it
What's the point if you're still gon' doubt
History is a weapon being used against us
Humanity has been abused before but few remember
Human hybrid, Hubble iris, double-sided untouchable
When it comes to rhyming, but I struggle in private
"One Ought Not To Think", in other words stop thinking
Humankind is now on the brink of extinction
The Eagle has landed, one of von Braun
Handpicked the evil bastard called "Magnum Innominandum"
These ice-age quotes opposed Helios
Confusing the most yet I find it remedial
Turn the radio and TV off, think for a second
Technology is a blessing but it's also a weapon
A weapon of mass destruction givin' global instructions
Teaching us how to hate but does it in a way that we love it
Take my beloved rap music, erase the beat
Consumers act like they're afraid of intelligent speech
The rhymes are imagined in theory
Then itemized into a query
It takes more than your ears to hear me
Meditate; you will see it clearly
Elevate to a level where your judgment isn't impaired daily
Before the New World Order right around the corner
One day soon they gon' lock down the borders
I ain't a activist, I can't do shit
I'd rather be a pacifist with a full clip
Keep sayin' your prayers, they won't care
God won't hear, do something, you won't dare
It's happened before, it'll happen again
It's happening over there; it'll spread here my friend
"One Ought Not To Think", in other words stop thinking
Mankind is now on the brink of extinction
Lost wisdom from the lost kingdom
Humankind is now on the brink of extinction

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