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My Block Is Your Block

This song is by Canibus.

I got a beat sensitive style, just cross the infinite mile
Always had this gift as a child to write poetry
If I ever dip through ya town, then you know it's me
Canibus be rippin it down
Bitches blowin' me, fightin over lickin' it down
I hold on to they thong start stripin it down

If I cough in my fist when I open my hand
There be dope in my hand that's how dope a nigga am
Canibus just enter the building y'all
If ya lookin' for the illest start filming y'all
The iron clad nomad my flow smash rip up the whole jam
When I leave the audience hold hands
Hand ya face back to you pleasantly
For thinkin' anything less of me then you better be Hennessey
Or make me pull up on a moped
While ya man is yellin' code Red I reload again
It made ya man stop talkin'
Its hard to see the white meat after I hot sauce him
It's not about paper I'm not talkin'
20 million a movie, I still rob the fuckin' box office
Strap the visor gold with it
An inverted gold rodeo flow will give you flow sickness

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