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MarcoPoloBeat (SpitBoss)

This song is by Canibus.

Yeah, Marco Polo on the beat
Ain't gonna spend much time talking
Just gonna get right into it

Underground manure rap from the sewer rat
Upload me a beat, I vocal it and shoot it back
Captured tagged released the microphone Beast from the East
Canibus clones running through the street
Over Marco Polo beats I black out the Baa Baa Black Sheep
Sweet sixteen, customised heat
Speak, spit over the beat, it shouldn't take long
Look at me, this is what the underground means
You enter the room, you smell your own doom
What you gonna do when you meet an emcee just like you
This is what is to be expected with no direction
A probe was sent to get an answer for a question in a scripted sentence
Placed over the beat, the way it was presented
Not to mention what ever I recommended before the verse ended
This is so strange, I congregate in a place for no names
Worth their own weight in gold in the game
Me Usain
Talk about Canibus, not talk about Saint Germaine
Kick down the door like, "Honey I'm home"
Then pass out right after I say, "Honey I'm stoned"
If this is not the best, it is slightly less
Lord Finesse in the flesh spit a bar per request
I feel as if everything I've learned
Has made be obsolete before I could even say one word
What I said it not what you heard or what you thought you observed
The vision is getting blurred but you have to be sure
Spin into a turn, go over the curb
Explode below over the earth, tossed from the vehicle, rolling in the dirt
You are hurt, the paramedics didn't notice you first
You weep from thirst, blood gush from the whole in your shirt
What does it feel like to be a rap legend
That is never mentioned, no matter what he has invented?
What is his inventions? He built a place where the beats could be tested
Captured, tagged, released, re-edited
Take your medicine, Canibus sedatives, let it live
I think the other beat came off better kid

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