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March Of Thunder

This song is by Canibus.


(Intro: Canibus)
Coiled, ready to strike!
Ready to the left, ready to the right
I got the green light...
The lyrical is instinctual, try to keep up with the visuals
This was specifically written for you

Self-examination, practice, patience,
Like the policy payments of a hospital patient
This is Hip Hop's nature,
Germaine is a supervising trainer, barrel roll bars like a swamp gator,
Two seconds later get ate up by something you can't escape from,
The homicidal rhymes that your mind made up
The agoraphobic poet, Hip Hop Mandelbrot hocus pocus
He's a maniac, you've always known this!
I smash mics like they made from graphite,
Grab the pad and write while I talk to the lab mice
Stuttering fools mumbling something that means nothing to you,
I huff and puff and blow down the booth
They say, "Spit it out Bis!", but don't like the rhymes I come out with,
The lyrics are fibromyalgic
Spit like a beast then I spiritual fast for two weeks
With a new catalogue of beats,
The eyeball of Odin recording every movement and moment
Measuring your body temperature and voltage,
Third Eye growing,
The rhyme is a pine cone poem identified as a thunderstorm

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