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Imperial Gladiator (VP Mix)

This song is by Canibus.

Hip-Hop feed off my breast, and that's no joke
If I rap slo-mo I can lactose flow
I spit frags at you shitbags
16 mags, flashbangs blast like a billion gallons of gas
Heat signals from the blunt, make you see the hunt
Bump you from the front, hit you in the back with the pump
I'm tired of you posers, I'm the rap superstar soldier on the poster
Captain cold-crush, star buck your ass and take your large Mocha
Star-struck bitches gimme ass and Cho-cha
I tuck heat before I brush the street
Outside I touch the street, bust the heat
Firepower big as lawn-mowers with fire motors and 4 rotas
Look like Marg with 4 strollers
2 Rambos and 4 Cobras
1 Rocky and 400 million man soldiers
I command a brigade of wanna-be that are all gonna be paid one of these days
Gladiator nigga, 2005, Mind Control

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