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Gun Barrel Keys

This song is by Canibus.

So be advised, my rhymes override the mind
But you'll be fine after average recovery time
I'm heavyweight slim face, I breath when the wind breaks
Breast plates move when I give chase
Jumped the boundary like Space Jam, wait 'til I get up in your base camp
You gonna have to face the champ
Roman shield is composed of a rose coloured stone
My sword is honed from Red Dragon's rib bones
The bow is quietly cocked, watch, I'm a take the shot
If the target ever stands in one spot
Tentacles form a loose noose, hang your ass off of the roof
Suffocate you 'til you mourn for a truce
Introduce you to my people, stick you with some needles
Then place you in a bathtub of carrion beetles
Go to sleep people, I'll watch why they feed off your evil
And meet you in the motherfucking C-Quel

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