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This song is by Canibus.

That's right Jax attack that beat, a nigga say something tap that cheek
Crack his teeth, the bat that beast
Canibus attach that Camowrap, rip through tracks
The kick back of plastic explosives: Get back
Ham radio, handmade radials
Waterproof, underwater, sustainable; Saber-tooth
Independently controlled, atmosphere capable
Lupe lasers to the face disable you
Grimy, grungy, coldblooded, gully
Ribbety buddies get beat the fuck up for they money
Whatever the countries currency, trust me
Get stabbed up with a flat rusty... You can't fuck with me!
You feel lucky? Throw you in the brig you big dummy
Can't take a motherfucking thing from me
Leave that ugly pussy all pussy, who was he?
I had to gut 'I'm with a four blade Muzzy

Jackson on acid, roundhouse axe kick
The universe detracted, now you in a casket
Half a dozen ways we can do that; pick one
Make you drink an oil drum full of fish chum
Strangle you with your own tongue, make you snorkel where I piss from
Nigga, try to swim with a split lung
Jellyfish belly, I rip you up
Javelin Fangz'll bite you and stitch you up
Coast Guard Prowler circlin' the lighthouse every hour
Gunshots shower down from the clock-towers
Sniff the gunpowder, the rifle high-powered
You a coward, I'm a turtle-back nigga full of solar panels
Triple digit temperature lyrics, and you gravitic
I live it, I spit it, admit it, you a gimmick
Falling, failing, you can't prevail: The hip-hop vagrant
I sink you while you sailing, while you say cadence

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