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This song is by Canibus.

I was aiming with the red dot
Waiting for the order to take the head shot
Communications was unstable

This is Shadow Gallery strategy, battle me for an infinite salary
You couldn't pick a more impossible fantasy
Serious satellite savagery, psychics sit down to examine me
They don't believe the planet is my family
My psyche hyper than Hyphy, high speed Tai Chi like me
Exercising will yield better rhyming like me
Back to my center, I raise ten degrees in temperature
I show you what predators infra-red is for
Remember, remember the 5th of Forever
Fear is a weapon, and freedom is just a set up
Politicians fess up to how badly the fuck they messed up
More or less, their question is, guess what?
Guess what's next? Physical and visual confirmation
Of the subject to get justice but not just yet
I am no more than nothing, a nameless nobody saying something
About what I can clearly see coming
I took precise pictures of the hellish void on celluloid
With a Polaroid but it was destroyed
I'm complacent of my creature comforts
One verse from me is a Sunburst that make dust of the Earth
Create a bunch of words and bend the curve of how they are heard
You must unlearn! Boombox, boombox, boombox

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