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This song is by Candy Coated Chaos.

This is a promise to the one I used to love...
(Ooh... la da da da da da...)

I saw a light
But I must admit it blinded me
Was I right?
Was I everything you wanted me to be?
All my life I swore that I would never do
The kind of things that I have done to you

And I think about you everyday of my life
Trying to find a way to make it right

This is a promise to the one I used to love
Although we're apart I will never give up
Regret is a useless feeling
And the smile you see is just my disguise
But my reflection never lies

Vivid images in my mind, in my dreams
Blissful ignorance
I thought it was love or so it seems
Lived my life pretending this girl wasn't me
The consequence of truly knowing me

Look inside, find the epitome of loneliness
I'm still in love with you
I know it's unfair

I look in the mirror
And what do I see?
All of the truth
That I don't wanna believe
Nothing can hide from myself
Gotta be stronger than pain
The answer's in your reflection
Don't ever be ashamed

(I promise, I promise...)
(My love will always be true)