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The Edge Of Heaven

This song is by Candlemass and appears on the album Tales Of Creation (1989).

A shapeless form
A mindless soul
Senseless with no control
Eyes so closed
A heart that sleeps
A memory, a thought that is gone

I am born
Still I'm no more
A dying illusion
In the dream I am fading

"Oh Lord! This must be heaven"
Tears in my eyes
A sweet dream bathing in sunlight
Never to end

Shapes of angels
Visions of grace
Promised love and delight
Let me be

There at the edge of heaven
Where darkness begins
Twilight was calling my name
A cry in the night

I felt a chill in my heart
Come to me
Somebody danced on my grave
Let me be

At the edge of Heaven

A faceless shadow
A blinded fool
Lost in the twilight zone
Dream or madnes
Heaven or hell
A riddle the key to the spell

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