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Death Thy Lover

This song is by Candlemass and appears on the EP Death Thy Lover (2016).

Death, he loves you more than anything
Walks behind you with black halo thing
In the dying hour, let the endless in
Face of immortal beauty, angel in

Death thy lover
In the hollow, there's no other
He's your only friend and he's watching over you
Death thy lover
An adventure to discover
When you reconsile, he's a long cold kiss

Death, your life companion, mirror soul
And when your feathers wither, there's an oath
One last caress, a whisper wind that leaves its home
And there he is, your shadow. Fear no more.

In harmony, in tragedy,
I trιed to run, but you won't leave
A superstar, a passenger dark
I am safe here in your arms

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