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A Tale Of Creation

This song is by Candlemass and appears on the album Tales Of Creation (1989).

On that day, that day of birth
In the morning, the dawn of time
It down to rest a moment
When a song came to my mind
As I sat there I could feel it
From within the magic came
With my voice the mountains rose
With my breath came lovely air
With my tears the rain fell down
With the rain came the sea
With my blessing the first rose spread out
With my feelings innocence

In solitude, a song was born
By magic our dreams were living on
A heart of light wasfound, it brought delight
To my soul, My faith had made me whole... again

With my song the sun was born
Out of darkness giving light
From my heart came love and joy
And all the beauty you could find

With my tears the rain fell down
With the rain came the sea
Blessing the first rose spread out
Feelings innocence

In passion I saw the light
A soul filled with harmony
The creation of a new world
My anthem my symphony

I sat there to watch the daw
All the birds began to sing
I left my song to rise and grow
It was time for me to go

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