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Why Should I Settle For You

This song is by Candie Payne and appears on the album I Wish I Could Have Loved You More (2007).

To start out you were fine
Always holding my hand
Always trying to understand and share
Now I'm no longer new
It's take me or leave me
Like you don't want or need me, or care

But, baby, why should I settle for you?

Now it's fight after fight
Nothing I do seems right
I stay in every night with you
But you're better than none
And you're no worse than some
So I guess the deal's done, it's true

But baby why should I settle for you?

And each time that I leave
I think I'll feel some relief
But it's never the way I do
I check out other guys but to
My surprise
No one catches my eye but you

But baby why should I settle for you?