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Signs Of Aging

This song is by Candice Jarrett.

If you carry your childhood with you
You never grow old.
But every wrinkle you erase
Is a story untold.

And I can't wait to grow old.

You buy pills and creams
To make you look young...
But would you trade the wrinkles on your face
For your years in the sun?

Some go under the knife
To erase the best years of their life.

Signs of Aging, it's only Beautiful changing.

When I'm an old lady
And I can't remember
My very first daughter's name...
She's going to lean in
See the lines on my skin
And this is what I'm going to say...

"They're from birthday parties for you,
Your very first bike ride...
And all those times I'd wait up for you at night.
They're from loving your father...
From raising you and your brother...
And from all those times I tried to lose weight.
Signs of aging... it's only beautiful changing."

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